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Membership of e-Complaints

Benefits of being Membership of e-Complaints are as follows :

Item Membership of e-Complaints Ordinary complainant
Register once only Register each time a new complaint is made
Only need to log in and then state details of complaint Need to fill in personal details before details of new complaint can be stated
Only need to log in. All details of complaints stated before will be shown according to chronology and status of implementation Reference number needs to be filled in with the ID number before check on status of implementation of complaints can be made
COMPLAINTS REFERENCE NUMBER Complaints reference number is not needed. Only need to log in and all details of previous complaints will be shown according to chronology Need to be filled in for checking status of complaints.

Register as Membership of e-Complaints. Choose your own unique USER ID and PASSWORD. You are also required to fill in your personal details as well as other information as required. Please register your mobile phone number for registering new complaints and checking of complaints through SMS (e-Aduan MBPP SMS).

*  Mandatory site
**  For use of e-Complaints MBPP SMS.
***  For statistics purpose only
***  Complete the details to facilitate communication with MBPP

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  Mobile (SMS) **   (cth: 0196200160)
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