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The main function of the City Council of Penang Island is to provide various services for the comfort and well being of the people. The services rendered amongst other are :-


  • Management and Disposal of Solid Waste
  • Cleansing of Public Areas
  • Cleansing of Public Markets
  • Cleansing of Roadside Drains
  • Cleansing of Public Toilets
  • Cleansing of Public Roads
  • Meat Inspection
  • Construction and Maintenance of Roads within the City area
  • Installation / Maintenance of Street Names Board
  • Maintenance of Signboards / Traffic Lights
  • Rental of Mobile Toilets
  • Rental of Public Housing
  • Rental of Flower Pots
  • Pruning and Felling of Trees
  • Beautification and Landscape
  • Rental of Stadium / Football Field
  • Rental of Community Halls
  • Dissemination of Information / Hotline
  • Public Education
  • Destruction of Stray and Unlicensed Dogs
  • Destruction of Mosquitoes and Rodents within the City
  • Control of Food Quality Within the City
  • Public Health


Licence Renewal / Processing :-

Trade, Dogs, Aviaries, Aquariums, Car Parks, Advertisements, Non-motorised Vehicles, Unlicenced Trades.

Unlicensed Slaughter Houses.

Public Health Nuisance By Rats, Mosquitoes, Worm, Flea
Food Quality Control
Medicine, Pollution
Management Services
(Enforcement Section)
Obstruction / Nuisance
Open Burning
Landscape Unit Felling of Tress / Destruction of Hornets Nest On Trees
Grass Cutting
Engineering Drains and Damaged Roads (City Area)
Pedestrian Crossing, Trade Refuse Burning Permit
Urban Services Refuse Collection, Cleansing of Drains / Roads
Building Unauthorized Building / Change of Use